Thursday, August 18, 2011


Aaron, my bro, and I went to Maui to visit the fam. Andrew couldn't come because he has responsibilities. To him I would like to quote lyrics by the world renowned punk band, MXPX. Ahem...

Responsibility? What's that?
Responsibility? not quite yet
Responsibility? What's that?
I don't want to think about it; we'd be better off without it. 
You know that's right. 

Point well made. If I had no responsibilities this is what it would look like.
hung out at Val and Joe's house. 
Aaron's getting some Boyfriend love in the bottom right photo.

drove to Hana, jumped off waterfalls, swam in caves, went to a black sand beach, 
picked up some hitch hikers who were just traveling around the world for the next year. 
(I think they also listened to a little MXPX) The girl told us a story about how she was kidnapped by her mafia dad when she was little and was taken to Mexico to live until the FBI found him and she was returned to her mom but had to learn English again. c-RAZ-EE! She was interviewed by Oprah after that all happened, who, btw, has 2 homes on Maui. oh, hey Oprah!
note to self: always pick up hitch hikers

 more exploring, I really need an underwater camera I've decided.
And apparently I also need to learn how to place an arrow at the intended object. There is no turtle where the arrow is pointing. If you follow Aaron's line of sight you'll find it. I'm a smarty pants.

 Mama's fish house for my bday

 lots of romantic sunsets with my bro. That sentence is not awkward at all.
the top right photo hasn't been touched at ALL with any sort of photoshop. seriously.

But my friends, don't be sad for A.
He is now shirking his responsibilities and has left me here while he's partying it up in Alaska. Something about fishin' and bringing home meat for the winter.
it looks a little somethin like this.
Oh I want to kiss his face!


Greg & Whit said...

Oh my, I want to go to Hawaii. like now. I'm so jealous!

Cindy said...

What student (or wife of one,) has this life? I was poor, hungry, and scraping by, you lucky, lucky girl! My former student self is jelous. Glad you had fun, and yes, Aaron will always be 5 in my mind

PJ Evers said...

Been there and there and there....done that and that and that....and will be doing it all again in Oct. Love Maui!!! (Except Road to Hana - love the stops, hate the road!) Great pictures Krystal! Make them your screen saver when you get back to Ohio. They will bring you tears in winter....

Muriel Miller said...

Love all these photos and am so jealous so wish I could go to Maui right now!!! Krystal you look gorgeous in all these photos and I CANNOT believe how grown up Aaron looks. What a handsome guy! Hope all is well :)